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This website is a tribute to our Mentor Bhagwan Sri Shankaracharya of Jyotish and Dwarka Pith

MOTHER NATURE is the soul for all the systems on Earth. Degrading environmental conditions has urged concern among society towards conservation. 

Agriculture and related activities in all its wings , are the Primary roots associated for direct interaction with nature. Thus We, at Dalmia Greenfields are trying to achieve an active role in the process of conservation through our current activities towards it.


We have been using this product for more then a year now and are very much satisfied with it. It has given good results in green plants, flowering plants, cactuses and bonsai's.

P. Chatterjee
Manager, Network Development
WWF for Nature, India


is a ready to use ad free from problems of composting. It is powerful then cow dung, FYM, oil cake, bone & leather meal. It contains balanced proportion of Macro, Micro Nutrients and trace elements. 

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Neemoil is derived from fully dried selected bacteria free neem seeds although cold expression process and double filtered. It has various uses in medicine, personal house care, cosmetics, horticulture and agriculture, and animal husbandry. 

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Neemgard is a powder of processed neem leaf, neem karnel and other herbal products which effectively controls various fungus and pests during storage of seeds. 

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Neem Oil Cake/ DOC is 100% natural  Oil cake. chemical analysis has provided that neem cake contains macro nutrients like Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash apart from other micro nutrients and trace elements.

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Pure Karanj Oil is 100% natural karanj oil. Karanj also know as Pongamia Glabra - is widely distributed in tropical Asia. The tree is hardy and drought resistant. The 'Pongam' tree is commonly found in India and grows to a height of about 1 m.

The oil of the Karanja or Pongam is used in pharmacy and in agriculture. Like, neem oil, it has insecticidal, antiseptic, antiphrastic and cleansing properties.

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